About Us

Our History

Canine Capers of Chester, founded in 2012, is a family run business offering the very best of care for your canine best friend when you cannot be there. Whether you are away on business, living it up on holiday or simply busy with day to day life, I am here to ensure your dog’s needs are met to the highest of standards. I offer 1 hour pack walks, doggy daycare and home from home dog boarding. All the dogs enjoy long walks in the beautiful countryside around Chester, socialising within our packs and with our resident dogs.

French Bulldog at Canine Capers Of Chester

My Passion and Assurance

My work really is a true labour of love and I feel so lucky to be able to spend our days out in the countryside surrounded by so many waggy tails and smiley faces!. As well as highly experienced handlers, Canine Capers also has canine first aid certificates, A diploma in dog communication, is fully insured and is 5 star licensed by Cheshire West and Chester council.

two dogs lying in the sun in Chester
Owner of Canine Capers of Chester

Emma Jackson

Having grown up with a huge range of animals from hamsters and rabbits to dogs and horses, I have always had an enormous passion for all things 4 legged! All my dogs have been rescue dogs and I take huge pleasure out of rehabilitating them and seeing them enjoy the best life I can possibly offer them. I enjoy the challenges so much that, I began fostering boxer dogs for various boxer rescues, these dogs came from a whole range of situations but inevitably, they each had their individual behavoural and health hurdles to overcome. I loved nothing better than working with these dogs and, eventually, seeing them trot off to their new owners knowing they would now be safe and forever loved. It then seemed to be a natural progression to work full time with dogs. So, in 2012, I made the decision to leave the corporate world of Estate Agency and founded Canine Capers of Chester and the rest as they say, is history.

Baxter best dog in Chester

Baxter Aka Tiny Terrorist

Well, what can I say about my little pocket rocket of a boxer boy!! His story is a long and harrowing one so I’ll keep it brief. Having suffered so much abuse in his home country of Spain, Baxter was found in the streets of Madrid in June 2016 with both his legs cleanly broken courtesy of a humans boot! He was nursed in a foster home in Spain, whilst undergoing multiple surgeries on his legs, finally, in August 2017, he was deemed fit to travel to us and so, he became the 3rd member of the resident pack. His health and behaviour have taken an incredible amount of work but I am so proud of how he has turned out and nothing gives myself more pleasure than seeing him flying around with the pack, he really does grab every opportunity I give him and his zest for life is infectous! He’s a bit of a celebrity too, with facebook followers all over the world, his full story and journey back to health is available on his facebook page “Baxter the unbreakable boxer dog”.

Coming Soon

New Member Coming Soon

Have a look back at this page in a few weeks because a new fury friend is coming to Canine Capers of Chester.